Combined live SHABAR data

Below are the results of the measurements from several SHABARs operating near the Dutch Open Telescope and the Swedish Solar Telescope. Please observe the legends to see which data is being plotted. Possible SHABARs are:

The first plot is the raw data from the SHABAR: a curve of the cross-covariance of the scintillation as function of the detector separation.

The second plot is the inversion of this data to a Cn2 profile. The algorithm used is virtually identical to that described in ATST RPT-0014, however the fit algorithm runs only a limitted time to allow live display.

The third plot is the r0 value (derived from the Cn2 profile) as a function of time.

For better images try the SVG plots (not all browsers support this). You can also go to the non-refreshing page if you do not want the browser to automatically reload this page every 10 seconds.

Raw SHABAR data Inverted SHABAR data Derived Fried parameter Inversion as a function of time